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Расчет оплаты

Terms of the settlement in an apartment

1. Please contact us in any convenient way for you and confirm the visit one day before the settlement.

  1. According to the specifics of the daily apartment rent, you can stop by the apartment at 14.00. If you want to settle down before the specified time, warn our managers in advance. Please note that you should pay the total price per night if you arrive before 12.00.
  2. On arrival you need to have an identity document (passport, driver’s license) to complete the questionnaire guest.
  3. The keys to the apartments are only available in the day of arrival:

– In the office at a convenient time for you;

– In the apartment from our maid, at agreeing time with our managers.

  1. You must leave a security deposit in the amount of 50-100 USD in accordance with the established rules for some of the apartments with expensive appliances. Deposit will be refunded at time of departure if there is no damage to property.
  2. Guest must make an advance payment for the first night within three hours if he arrive after 22:00. If the guest cancels the reservation the day of arrival, the payment will not be refunded.



Rules for living in the apartment


  1. Apartments are only available for accommodation. Carrying out noisy activities that may cause inconvenience to neighbors and cause damage to property in the rented apartment excluded.


Rules forbid loud singing, shouting, switching to full power radios, televisions, create noise when using production equipment and tools, explosive materials and fireworks and other loud-speaking installations create other noise in the streets, in homes, apartments, on the local area and recreational areas at night from 22-00 to 8-00. In the case of notification by the neighbors of the failure of these rules, the Agency have the right to evict the residents immediately (at any time) without returning payment for accommodation and explanation.


If you rent an apartment for other purposes (office, meeting, birthday, shooting and so on. D.), you must notify the manager. Otherwise possible revision of the rental price for its increase or refusal to hire without a refund.


If you are traveling with pets, you should notify the manager. Otherwise possible revision of the rental price for its increase or refusal to hire without a refund.


  1. Guest shall be liable for actions of third parties that are in a rented flat with the knowledge of our guest.
  2. The fee is included the planned cleaning for guests with a long period of living, which occurs three days after arrival (including change of bed linen and towels). One day before the date of cleaning, please contact the managers and specify the time of cleaning. You can order daily cleaning for an extra charge, after agreeing the issue with our managers when booking an apartment or the day of arrival.


Components apartments

Components of apartments described in detail in the catalog of apartments:
1) for one-room apartment provided by linen, 3 towels (2 large and small), 2 pairs of slippers, soap (1 piece), shampoo (1pak) Gel (1pak)..;

2) for a two-room  apartment – 2 sets of linen, 4 towels (2 large and 2 small), 2 pairs of slippers, soap (2 pcs), shampoo (2 pack) Gel (2Pac).;

3) for a three-room apartment – 3 sets of linen, 6 towels (3 large and 3 small), 3 pairs of slippers, soap (3 pieces), shampoo (3 pack) Gel (3 pack).


The cost of each additional set of linen is charged separately (40 UAH). The cost of additional sleeping place (cot) – 200 UAH. (Single payment)


  • free internet in all apartments, Wi-Fi – unlimited.


An extension of the period of residence

If it is necessary, you can extend the period of staying if you inform the managers in any convenient way for you. The period of stay will be extended if there is not a confirmed reservation for the given period.


The lack of confirmed reservation you can also check yourself online in the detailed description of the apartment, reservations display on the calendar. Prerequisite extend the stay is 100% payment for the entire extended period.


Departure from the apartment


Established time of departure is 12.00. The day before you need to contact the manager to specify the exact time of transmission apartment and keys, as well as the return of the collateral amount.


Check out prior to 18:00 – additional charge for 50% of the day’s rent. Check-out after 18:00 – additional charge for 100% of the cost of day rent.


In case of departure from the apartment earlier the declared and paid for the period of residence there are the following rules:

1) recalculated the value of living according to the current price list at the moment of arrival, as the price depends on the number of days;

2) from you will be withheld the amount of the subsequent one night stay if you decrease in number of reported overnights.


Force Majeure
Since the apartments are in buildings that are part of the infrastructure of the city and do not have independent sources of power and water supply, as well as telecommunications, the agency is not responsible for the quality of services in Kiev. The above services are temporarily not available, in case of repairs the relevant services. In this situation, we can provide a suitable option.




Discount for stays of 8-19 days – 5%

Discount for stays of 20-30 days -10%


* Discounts do not apply from 1 May to 10 May and New Year holidays.

We rent apartments for daily rent without intermediaries.